Wed Jul 24 06:04:21 EST 1996

Dear glycosci:
I'm a student of Beijing Medical University who is interested in glycobiology.
Now I meet some trouble in my experiment: 
My experiment is about laminin-glycopeptides' biological effect to inhibit
cancer cell metastasis. 
There are very few scientific magzines about glycobiology in our school
library, and it isn't open during summer vacation.

I 'm working on alpha6beta1(a6b1) which is a laminin receptor belongs to 
Integrin family on  cell surface, I want to know: 
1. Its amino acid sequence and space structure.  
2. How to prepare it.   
3. Its biological function  
4. Its relationship with cancer cell metastasis. 
 Do you know this aspect of research or any reference you can introduce
 to me?

 Thanks a lot!

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