Massimo Ragazzi max at icm.mi.cnr.it
Sat Jul 13 10:37:13 EST 1996

 Dear Glyco-Netter,

                   finally the XVIII Intl. Carbohydrate Symposium (Milan, July 21-26)

 and its IV Satellite Meeting on Conformational Studies  (La Thuile, July 17-20) are

on the Web !

     Over 450 Abstracts sent in diskette or e-mailed to us have been brougth to

your reach together with the programs.

     You may browse around the .html pages; most have also been put in

..pdf format, which renders original-like pages (you would need a suitable reader

for it, such as Adobe Acrobat, available as shareware).

     Please, have a look at the site:


     Please, e-mail your comments and suggestions to  max at icm.mi.cnr.it

     As announced earlier, a CD-ROM containing these pages as well as the

Directory of Glycoscientists might be edited (including the software for

browsing under W-95 and UNIX): please let me know whether you would be

interested in such disk (price should be about 10 to 20$, depending on requests).

PLEASE NOTE:  For the sake of correctness, Web pages will not be available before
the Meetings.

     Enjoy your browsing !

     Massimo Ragazzi

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