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  1. Fluoresence labeling   A.Thomson
  2. BIOSCI miniFAQ, ver. 14-DEC-95   BIOSCI Administrator
  3. Succinyl wheat germ   Friedrich Altmann
  5. Sweet Secrets of Life   Thorkild C. Bxg-Hansen
  6. International Lectin Meeting   Thorkild C. Bxg-Hansen
  7. Lectins, Biology, Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry   Thorkild C. Bxg-Hansen
  8. GLYCOSCI   Cahir McDevitt, PhD
  9. vero   J-F. Collet
  10. Postdoctoral position   Karen J. Colley
  11. models of saccharides   Diakun, Kate
  12. CONF: The Chemistry and Biochemistry of Sialic Acid-Recognising Proteins.   Jeff Dyason
  13. proteoglycans   Cecile Geuyen
  14. subscribe   Jean HERSCOVICI
  15. Carbohydrate detection on Westerns   Roy Jefferis
  16. Analysis of carbohydrates using CE   Todd Johnson
  17. Information   Edward L. Kean
  18. Information concerning micropipets   Edward L. Kean
  19. effect of tunicamycin   Nozomu Koizumi
  20. Postdoctoral Position/ Research Associate   LTAB at BPHVAX.BIOPHYSICS.ROCHESTER.EDU
  21. Plant lectins   Mail at scri.sari.ac.uk
  22. pronase digest   Mark McComb
  23. Digest using Pronase   Mark McComb
  24. Newsgroup registration   John McGuire
  25. Laboratory Courses - Characterization of Complex Carbohydrates   Roberta K. Merkle
  26. Carbohydrate Coures   Roberta K. Merkle
  27. Pyruvate Purification   Mark John Milton
  28. unsubscribe   Steven Schafer
  29. July Carbo Meeting   Giorgio Spagnol
  30. Sulforylation of glycoDproteins   Giorgio Spagnol
  31. Fucosylation   Giorgio Spagnol
  32. (no subject)   Giorgio Spagnol
  33. Glycosci manual and apologizing.   Giorgio Spagnol
  34. Looking for a carbo epitope   Giorgio Spagnol
  35. Glycoproteins in fungi?   Stefan.Rosen at mbioekol.lu.se
  36. PAL / anthocyanin-3-glucotransferase   Hans Stenoien
  37. sorry for this test   Ton Voskamp
  38. Brief Guide to Glycoscience Internet Resources   Iain Wilson
  39. Post Doc/Research Assoc Position   baenziger at PATHBOX.WUSTL.EDU
  40. Pectin enzyme extraction. Pectin. Apple microbiolgy   keith haddad
  41. Second Electronic Glycoscience Conference - Announcement   barry hardy
  42. EGC-1 Young Glycoscientist's Award   barry hardy
  43. EGC-1 Papers and Posters - Presentation   barry hardy
  44. Aleuria aurantia lectin   jmrhodes at acsu.buffalo.edu
  45. effect of tunicamycin   kzhao at BIOVX1.BIOLOGY.UCLA.EDU
  46. plant lectins   kzhao at BIOVX1.BIOLOGY.UCLA.EDU
  47. alpha-glucosidase II   kzhao at BIOVX1.BIOLOGY.UCLA.EDU
  48. Fucosylation   kzhao at BIOVX1.BIOLOGY.UCLA.EDU
  49. Digest using Pronase   kzhao at BIOVX1.BIOLOGY.UCLA.EDU
  50. fungi glcoprotein   kzhao at BIOVX1.BIOLOGY.UCLA.EDU
  51. composition analysis   kzhao at BIOVX1.BIOLOGY.UCLA.EDU

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