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This is the $1.00 concept explained without the hype and silly numbers!
Read the following carefully and you could be joining the many thousands
of Internet users who are currently earning quite large sums of money
with a few hours work using their computers via the Internet!
This posting has been appearing for quite some time and has now
literally got thousands of people actively involved.  No doubt like me,
you may have seen it before and become a little confused by the way it’s
been explained.  However, I personally have never believed in a so
called “Free Lunch” and have always worked hard to support my family. 
But this idea is so simple involving a modest $5.00 investment that I
simply had to try it.  With so many people involved I became convinced
that I too could benefit.  And, as I found out, this system really does

After about two weeks in, I’m beginning to get a reasonable and
realistic return with a further understanding of just how big this
concept really is.  Money is coming in from all over the world!

If you’re interested there are three basic steps, all of which are
pretty simple.

Take five sheets of paper.  Write your name and address on each piece
along with the words: “Please place me on your mailing list”.  Take each
piece of paper, put them in an envelope along with a one dollar bill
inside and mail them to the five names listed below.
  *NOTE: By asking to be placed on each person’s mailing list you are in
fact paying for a service that consists of using the Internet to
advertise a  business dealing with assembling a mailing list of people
who are interested in working from home using their computers to
generate an income. 

Mail to:
1.  L.M. King 2639 47th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116
2.  F. Galvez 1633 Amberwood Drive, Apt. 29, South Pasadena, CA 91030
3.  M. Palmer Gilfach Goch, Blaenpenal, Aberystwyth, SY23 4TN United
4.  T. Toole Box 1138, Valemount B.C. Canada, VOE-2ZO
5.  M.N. 6003 Sundown Drive, Coeur d’ Alene, ID 83814

When you have mailed your message and one dollar bill (please don’t send
checks or money orders) to the above people go to:

Remove the top name and address from the above list and insert your own
in the number 5 position.  This can be done simply by amending the
address section with no other alterations and posting as described
later, or you can retype the whole document adding information you feel
may be important.

As you probably are aware, the Internet is growing daily at a phenomenal
rate, doubling every year.  With literally millions and millions of
people surfing the Net there is the potential for tremendous exposure. 
With nearly 20,000 Newsgroups to post to and hundreds of thousands of
people dialing in to them every day, if done correctly this program
can’t help but be successful.

Post this message with your name in the number 5 slot to at least 250
newsgroups.  In theory you will earn $5.00 for every 200 postings with
your name at #5.  Not a large sum...but wait.  Each person that sent you
a one dollar bill now also makes 250 postings with your name at #4. 
That equals about $50.00 to you.  Then your 50 new agents each post to
250 newsgroups with you at #3.  That’s 12,500 postings which generates
about $500.00 to you.  These next 500 agents make 125,000 postings with
you at #2 which earns about $10,000.  Finally about 5,000 agents again
make postings to 250 newsgroups which would equate out to approximately
$50,000 before your name drops off the list!  This sounds like pie in
the sky, but the numbers add up, and with over 40 million people on the
Internet...it works!  ****TIP***  For a better return post to more than
250 newsgroups initially.  When your name drops off a list simply access
another message from a newsgroup and start the process over again.

Make any necessary changes to this article as explained in step (2) and
when you’re done save it to your word processor. Then click on Copy.

Next, locate the newsgroups you intend to post to (Netscape 3.0 is
terrific for this because you can highlight dozens of newsgroups all at
once, enabling you to distribute your message to 1,000s of locations in
less than an hour or two).  Highlight all the newsgroups you want to
post to, which is done by holding down CTRL while clicking your left
mouse button.  This way you can select multiple newsgroups in one go.
Then after highlighting the newsgroups, click on “To News”.  Place a
sensible title in the “Subject” location, click on the text section, go
to the Edit menu and click “paste”  Click on send...and that’s it.

Repeat the process over and over again be selecting further newsgroups
in multiples of 10s, but try to be selective with the groups by posting
to high volume locations, and don’t choose a subject that appears too
flashy, as this will only put people off.

This is an honest and legitimate way of making a reasonable amount of
money on a regular basis, but only if your message is clearly understood
by others.

*NOTE:  This system is based on everyone being honest.  It’s all too
tempting not to send out the initial $5.00, but if you don’t, you won’t
be successful.  THIS SYSTEM REALLY WORKS!  Give it a try...you won’t be

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