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Steven Pirie-Shepherd (srps at galactose.mc.duke.edu) wrote:
: Edward McSweegan, PhD (EM8P at NIH.GOV) wrote:
: : Aside from the single amino acid sights of glycosylation, are there any 
: : specific amino acid sequences that signal or suggest points of 
: : glycosylation?  I've heard there are some for eukaryotes.  Are there any 
: : such sequences for bacteria?

Try the following

Nucleic Acids Res. 24: 248-252 (1996)[96174642] 

O-GLYCBASE: a revised database of O-glycosylated proteins.

J. E. Hansen, O. Lund, J. O. Nielsen, J. E. Hansen & S. Brunak

Laboratory for Infectious Diseases, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 

O-GLYCBASE is a comprehensive database of information on glycoproteins 
and their O-linked glycosylation sites. Entries
are compiled and revised from the SWISS-PROT and PIR databases as well as 
directly from recently published reports.
Nineteen percent of the entries extracted from the databases needed 
revision with respect to O-linked glycosylation. Entries
include information about species, sequence, glycosylation site and 
glycan type, and are fully referenced. Sequence logos
displaying the acceptor specificity for the GaINAc transferase are shown. 
A neural network method for prediction of mucin
type O-glycosylation sites in mammalian glycoproteins exclusively from 
the primary sequence is made available by E-mail or
WWW. The O-GLYCBASE database is also available electronically through our 
WWW server or by anonymous FTP. 


Harris and Spellman Glycobiology 3(3) 219-24 (1993)
is a review of an unusual glycosylation in EGF domains of multidomain 
protein..It includes concensus sequences

this is all i could find beyond what is easy

Steven Pirie-Shepherd

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