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Section 1 - Perspectives in the Glycosciences

     [*] Recent Developments and Perspectives in Chemoenzymatic Carbohydrate

          Authors: S. L. Flitsch, J-F. Pilard, L. Revers and G.Watt

     [*] Perspectives on MALDI mass spectrometry

          Author: David J. Harvey

     [*] The Role of FCCA in Glycoscience and Glycotechnology since 1989

          Authors: Kichitaro Kawaguchi and Tatsuya Yamagata

     [*] Retrospect and prospect of glycopathology

          Author: Akira Kobata

     [*] The UDP-Glc:glycoprotein glucosyltransferase and the quality
     control of glycoprotein folding

          Author: A. Parodi

     [*] Cell Surface Glycosyltransferases: Current Issues

          Author: Barry D. Shur

     [*] Perspectives of molecular biology study for Sialyltransferases

          Author: Shuichi Tsuji

     [*] Carbohydrate Analysis: What Can Computational Methods Tell Us

          Author: Robert J. Woods

Section 2 - Carbohydrate Biotechnology

     [*] Protein Separation by Partitioning in Poly(Ethylene

          Authors: Ljudmila Fele and Maurizio Fermeglia

     [*] Swelling properties of hydrogels: Theory in comparison with

          Authors: Maurizio Fermeglia, Mario Grassi, Romano Lapasin, Sabrina
          Pricl and Italo Colombo

     [*] Quantitative aspects of ligand cluster effects observed with
     multivalent binding inhibitors,

          Author : John Hubble

     [*] Genetic manipulation of CHO cells to produce humanised sialic acid

          Authors: N. Jenkins, L. Monaco, A. Marc, A. Eon-Duval, J.M.
          Engasser, D. Lamotte and M. Soria

     [*] Pilot-Scale Fermentation of Nodulation Factors by the Soil
     Bacterium Rhizobium meliloti: New Aspects of Production, Purification
     and Characterisation of Glycolipid Derivatives,

          Authors: Bodo Kohring, Karsten Niehaus, Alfred Pühler, and Erwin

     [*] The Specificity of Homo- and Hetero-oligosaccharide Synthesis by

          Authors: Angela Patikis, Robert A. Rastall and Christopher Bucke

     [*] Sweet and Sticky: sugar coated magnetic beads as a novel research
     tool in cell biology,

          Authors: Phil D. Rye

     [*] Biosynthesis and Biomodification of Dextrins using using
     Gluconobacter oxydans and transglucosidases,

          Author: R. Shepherd

     [*] Models for predicting the properties of carbohydrate-derived

          Authors: Henk A. van Doren and K. Ronald Terpstra

Section 3 - General & Functional Glycobiology

     [*] Glycosylation of the Recombinant Kringle 2 Domain of Tissue-type
     Plasminogen Activator Produced in Pichia pastoris Cells ,

          Authors: Francis J. Castellino and Roger K. Bretthauer

     [*] Role of insulin and nutritional factors in changes of intestinal
     glycoprotein fucosylation during postnatal development,

          Authors: M.C. Biol,D. Lenoir and P. Louisot

     [*] Analysis of glycosidase production during the growth of
     Tritrichomonas foetus,

          Authors: Sofia Connaris and Pamela Greenwell

     [*] Isolation and Purification of a Highly Glycosylated Fragment of

          Authors: Christian Frosch, Franz Oesch and Raimund J. Wieser

     [*] The Extent of sialylation of Plasminogen 2 modulates the binding of
     Plasminogen 2 to cells and surfaces,

          Authors: Steven R Pirie-Shepherd, Nancy L, Andon and Salvatore V

     [*] The evolutionary origin of the beta-galactosidase of Tritrichomonas

          Authors: Marion Vella and Pamela Greenwell

Section 4 - Glycanalysis

     [*] Structures of the N-linked carbohydrate of Ascorbic Acid Oxidase
     from Zucchini,

          Author: Friedrich Altmann

     [*] N-Linked Glycosylation Pathways in Insect Cells. Structural
     characterisation of the N-linked oligosaccharides derived from HIVgp120
     expressed in lepidopteran cells,

          Authors: Terry D. Butters, Ben Yudkin, Gary S. Jacob and Ian M.

     [*] Concanavalin A binding and endoglycosidase D resistance of

     beta-1,2-xylosylated and alpha -1,3-fucosylated plant and insect


          Authors: Iain B. H. Wilson and Friedrich Altmann

Section 5 - Glycoimmunology

     [*] Purification of anti-Gal alpha 1-3Gal IgY from eggs after

     immunisation of hens with rabbit red blood cell membranes,

          Authors: J.-F. Bouhours, N. Ruvoen, C. Richard, N. Barreau, J.
          Naulet, and D. Bouhours

     [*] Paracoccidioides brasiliensis 190-kDa gp: a kinetic study and
     lectin binding property,

          Authors: M.L.G. Cardoso, A. Panunto-Castelo, G. Freitas-da-Silva,
          B.G. Bianco, R. Martinez and M.C. Roque-Barreira

     [*] Heparin Potentiates Neutrophil Migration Induced by IL-8 in vivo,

          Authors: Marcelo Dias-Baruffi, Gabriela Pereira-da-Silva, Maria
          Célia Jamur and Maria Cristina Roque-Barreira

     [*] Distribution of galectin-3 (Mac-2) in cultured macrophages,

          Authors: J. Dumic, M. Hadzija, K. Barisic, G. Lauc, M. Slijepcevic
          and M. Floegel

     [*] The role of the human IgG subclass heavy chains in determining its
     glycosylation profile,

          Authors: Muhammad Farooq, Noriko Takahashi, Mark Drayson, J. Lund
          and Roy Jefferis

     [*] KM+-induced neutrophil haptotaxis: potentiation by heparan sulphate

          Authors: Luciane Ganiko, Antonio Roberto Martins, Enilza Maria
          Espreáfico and Maria Cristina Roque-Barreira

     [*] IgG glycosylation changes in rheumatic diseases,

          Authors: Frank C Hay and Angela Bond

     [*] The carbohydrate moiety of IgM from Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar

          Authors: B. Magnadóttir, B. K. Guðmundsdóttir and S.

     [*] The Chemoattractant KM+ Lectin Interacts with a Glycoprotein on the
     Neutrophil Surface,

          Authors: Fabiana Marques, Luciane Ganiko, Ademilson
          Panunto-Castelo and Maria Cristina Roque-Barreira.

     [*] Detection of a carbohydrate-binding protein in soluble antigens of
     Toxoplasma gondii,

          Authors: L.M.S. Minelli, M.C. Roque-Barreira, S.M.O. Thomaz,
          D.A.O. Silva, M.A. Souza and J.R. Mineo

     [*] Lipids Isolated from Sheep Red Blood Cells Participate in the
     Rubino Reaction,

          Authors: Ademilson Panunto-Castelo, Igor C. Almeida and Maria
          Cristina Roque-Barreira

     [*] Glycosylation Analysis of Oligosaccharides from Recombinant
     IgG1-TNF alpha  Fusion Glycoprotein,

          Authors: Angela Savage and Michelle Cuffe

     [*] The Proportion of O-Glycosylated IgG in Rabbit Serum Decreases with

          Authors: L.M. Vasconcelos, A. Panunto-Castelo, L.M.
          Guimarães-Santos and M.C. Roque-Barreira

Section 6 - Glycolipids

     [*] The FORSE-1/LeX carbohydrate epitope is involved in the migration
     of cortical neurons,

          Authors: Karen L. Allendoerfer, Brian S. Kim and Paul H. Patterson

     [*] A new look at myelin figures. The cylindrical form of the L-
     alpha -phase - a common and predictable phenomenon,

          Authors: Henk A. van Doren and Lavinia M. Wingert

     [*] Novel Glycosphingolipids carrying the Gal alpha 1-3Lewis(x)

     epitope are expressed in Pig Kidney,

          Authors: Daniele Bouhours, Jerome Liaigre, Jeanne Naulet, Jerome
          Lemoineand Jean-François Bouhours

     [*] C-Series polysialogangliosides are expressed on stellar neurons of
     human adult cerebellum,

          Authors: Marija Heffer-Lauc, Melita Cacic and Drasko Serman

     [*] Signal transduction via a cell surface O-acetyl GD3 ganglioside of
     human T-lymphocytes,

          Authors: J. Reivinen, H. Holthvfer, and A. Miettinen

     [*] A possible mechanism by which added gangliosides inhibit cell

          Authors: C-L. Schengrund and C. M. Mummert

     [*] Association of a 14-3-3 protein with CMP-NeuAc:GM1 alpha 2,3


          Authors: Zeng, G., Gao, L., Yu, D.S. and Yu, R.K.

     [*] Molecular cloning of the cDNA for and developmental expression of
     rat brain GD3- and GT3- synthase,

          Authors: Zeng, G., Gao, L., Freischütz, B., Tokuda, A. and Yu,

Section 7 - Glycomedicine

     [*] An Analysis of Glycosidase Production in Helicobacter Pylori,

          Authors: L. Adonai, Q.Karim and P. Greenwell

     [*] 57 kDa Stress-associated Glycoprotein in Human Sera: Purification
     and Partial characterization,

          Authors: Sanja Dabelic, Kristina Zvonar, Mirna Floegel and Gordan

     [*] Proliferation of Glioma Cells is Inhibited by Anti-GD3 Monoclonal

          Authors: K. Hedberg, B. Dellheden and P. Fredman

     [*] Galectin-3 Expression in Human Breast Carcinomas: Correlation with
     Histologic Grade,

          Author: Halliday A Idikio

     [*] Studies of Amyloid Precursor Protein Glycosylation,

          Authors: I. McFarlane and K.C. Breen

     [*] Characterization of Certain Ligands in Sera of Colorectal Cancer
     Patients Using Lectins,

          Authors: S. Ortega, M.M. Sanchez-Martin, A. Gomez-Alonso, J. Pina,
          L. Landemarre, G. Motta, M. Monsigny and J.A. Cabezas

Section 8 - Glycosyltransferase

     [*] The generation and characterisation of a neural cell line
     overexpressing alpha 2,6(N) sialyltransferase,

          Authors: Kieran C. Breen, Astrid Potratz, Niki Georgopoulou and
          Konrad Sandhoff

     [*] Extracting information from primary sequences of
     fucosyltransferases : Sequence alignment and fold recognition.,

          Authors: Christelle Breton, Rafael Oriol and Anne Imberty

     [*] Transcriptional regulation of the human


     beta 1-2-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase II gene (MGAT2) which

     controls complex N-glycan synthesis,

          Authors: Shi-Hao Chen, Jenny Tan and Harry Schachter

     [*] Identification of an alpha 3-fucosyltransferase and a novel

     alpha 2- fucosyltransferase in cercariae of the schistosome

     Trichobilharzia ocellata. Biosynthesis of the

     Fuc alpha 1-2Fuc alpha-3GlcNAc sequence.,

          Authors: C.H. Hokke, A.P. Neeleman, C.A.M. Koeleman and D.H. van
          den Eijnden

     [*] Glycosyltransferases in SWISS-PROT,

          Authors: Claire O'Donovan*, Nicoletta Mitaritonna, Rolf Apweiler,
          Vivien Junker, Alain Gateau, and Fiona Lang

     [*] HPLC method for the determination of (Fuc to GlcNAc-1)

          Authors: Andreas Roitinger, Harald Leiter, Erika Staudacher and
          Friedrich Altmann

     [*] Removal of 106 amino acids from the N-terminus of UDP-GlcNAc:
     alpha -3-D-Mannoside beta-1,2-N-Acetylglucosaminyltransferase I

     does not inactivate the enzyme,

          Authors: M.Sarkar, S.Pagny, D.Joziasse and H.Schachter

     [*] Transcriptional regulation of alpha 1,3galactosyltransferase by

     retinoic acid in the murine F9 embryonic cell line,

          Authors: C.G. van der Linden, J.M.C. Baggen, D.H. van den Eijnden,
          and D.H.Joziasse

     [*] Co-expression of aberrant alpha 1,2fucosyltransferase in

     transfected cells with human Lewis (Fuc-TIII) gene,

          Authors: Shin Yazawa, Akira Mogi, Osamu Hosomi, Jun-ichi Nakamura,
          Takayuki Asao, Koichiro Kishi and Khushi L. Matta

Section 9 - Glycosynthesis

     [*] Regiospecificity of synthesis of

     D-Galp beta 1-3D-Xylp-beta 1-O-pNP catalysed by Bacillus circulans

     beta -galactosidase,

          Authors: Salvatore Ferro, Amedeo Vetere, Marco Bosco and Sergio

     [*] The Orthogonal Glycosylation Strategy,

          Authors: Osamu Kanie, Yukishige Ito, Tomoya Ogawa

     [*] Studies towards the synthesis of a compley-type glycan chain,

          Authors: Matthias Lergenmueller, Yukishige Ito, Yuko Nakahara, and
          Tomoya Ogawa

     [*] Preparation of novel 3-amino-hexose derivatives and use in
     enantioselective Grignard reactions,

          Authors: Richard J. Simmonds and Neil Baggett

     [*] Complete Synthesis of 3'-Sialyl-N-Acetyllactosamine by
     Regioselective Transglycosylation Reactions,

          Authors: Amedeo Vetere, Marco Bosco, Paola Cescutti and Sergio

     [*] Polymer-supported tin carbohydrate chemistry,

          Authors: D.M. Whitfield and T. Ogawa

     [*] A novel approach for the synthesis of steroidal glycosides,

          Authors: War War Win and Richard W. Franck

Section 10 - Lectins

     [*] An Intravascular Chemoattractant Lectin Inhibits Neutrophil

          Authors: Marcelo Sakamoto, Marcelo Dias-Baruffi, Ricardo

Section 11 - Mass-Spectrometry

     [*] The mass spectrometric analysis of synthetic sulfated
     oligosaccharides using both the Ionspray and MALDI techniques,

          Authors: Peter Jacobs, Peter van Veelen, Marcel de Vries, and
          Marijke Dreef-Tromp

     [*] Characterization of Immunoglobulin Glycans, Electrospray Ionization
     (ES) and Collision Induced Dissociation (CID) Mass Spectrometry,

          Authors: Vern Reinhold, Bruce Reinhold, Song Ye, Keyes Linsley,
          and Ronald Corley

     [*] Mass structural analysis of the T-cell antigenic 45-47 kDa
     glycoprotein produced by M. bovis BCG,

          Authors: Michel Riviere, Pierre Chaurand, Felix Romain, Gilles
          Marchal and Germain Puzo

Section 12 - Molecular Modelling & Design

     [*] Density functional study of the relative stability of selected 1C4
     and 4C1 chair forms of beta -D-glucose,

          Authors: Gabor I. Csonka, Krisztina +lias and Imre G. Csizmadia

     [*] Molecular modelling of the Ulex europaeus isolectin I and its
     interaction with fucose,

          Authors: Juan-Felix Espinosa, Arnaud Gohier, Jesus
          Jimenez-Barbero, Serge Perez and Anne Imberty

     [*] Molecular and quantum mechanical study of Idose and Iduronic acid
     ring conformation,

          Authors: Mark J Forster et al.

     [*] Markov chains as a measure for phase space coverage in MD
     simulations. Dihedral Transition Rates of cellulose,

          Authors: Andreas P. Heiner and Olle Teleman

     [*] MMC and LD simulations of

     alpha-D-Manp-(1->2)-beta-D-Glcp-OMe. Comparison to long-range

     heteronuclear NMR coupling constants and to the crystal structure,

          Authors: Christer Hoeg and Göran Widmalm

     [*] Studies on the conformational behaviour of GlcNAc-Man3-GlcNAc2
     oligosaccharides using molecular dynamics simulations,

          Authors: Tibor Kozar, Igor Tvaroska and Jeremy P. Carver

     [*] A Molecular Mechanics Study of Carbohydrate Affinity in Ricin B

          Author: Martin Kroeker

     [*] Molecular dynamics study of Polygalacturonic Acid chains in aqueous

          Authors: B. Manunza, S. Deiana, M. Pintore and C. Gessa

     [*] A Molecular Modeling study on the interaction between
     beta-cyclodextrin and some organophosphorothyoate pesticides,

          Authors: B. Manunza, S. Deiana, M. Pintore and C. Gessa

     [*] Molecular dynamics simulations of Erythrina corallodendron lectin,

          Authors: Ulf Ryde and Tomas Ekberg

     [*] Solution topology of cyclotrikis-(1->6)-alpha -D-glucopyranosyl-


          Authors: S. Spieser, K. Mazeau, M.C. Brochier, C. Gey, J.P. Utille
          and F.R. Taravel

     [*] MMC and LD simulations of alpha -D-Glcp-(1->2)-

     alpha-D-Glcp-(1->3)-alpha -D-Glcp-OMe. A model for the terminal

     trisaccharide in glycoprotein precursors. ,

          Authors: Roland Stenutz and Göran Widmalm

     [*] Homology modeling of the small sialidase from Clostridium
     perfringens: Use of laser photo CIDNP (chemically induced dynamic
     nuclear polarization) techniques and site-directed mutagenesis to
     ascertain the reliability of the modeled structures,

          Authors: E. Tajkhorshid, H.-C. Siebert, C.-W. v.d. Lieth, R.
          Kleineidam, S. Kruse, R. Schauer, R. Kaptein, H.-J. Gabius and
          J.F.G. Vliegenthart

Section 13 - NMR

     [*] Conformation and Dynamics of the Glucuronoxylomannan (GXM) capsular
     polysaccharide from Cryptococcus neoformans serotype D studied by NMR
     spectroscopy and molecular modeling,

          Authors: Kalelkar, S., Van Halbeek, H., Morris, L.C. and Cherniak,

     [*] A Conformational Study of the Xyloglucan Oligomer, XXXG, based on
     Molecular Modeling and NMR Data,

          Authors: Celine Picard, Laurent Catoire, Catherine Herve du
          Penhoat and Catherine Renard

     [*] Solution conformation and dynamics of a cell wall mannan isolated
     from Mycrosporum gypseum,

          Authors: Ana Poveda, Manuel Bernabe, J. Antonio Leal and Jesus

Section 14 - Polysaccharides & Cellulose

     [*] On the Conformation of kappa-carrageenan in Solution: a Combined
     NMR - Molecular Modelling Investigation,

          Authors: M. Bosco, A.L. Segre, S. Miertus and S. Paoletti

     [*] Properties of the Rhamnogalacturonan - degrading enzyme system of
     Thermoascus aurantiacus : Isolation of selected components.,

          Authors: W. Duggan, M.G. Tuohy, M. Cuffe, A.V. Savage, J.-F.
          Thibault, C.M.G. Renard, P. Murray and C.D. Laffey

     [*] NMR Study of Agarose Solutions,

          Authors: Amelia Gamini, Renato Toffanin and Alberto Radoicovich

     [*] Characterisation of Endoglucanases isolated from Talaromyces

          Authors: Orla Hanniffy, Michelle Cuffe, Tracey McCarthy, Maria
          Tuohy and Angela Savage

     [*] Molecular Characteristics of Technical-Grade Potato-Starch Glucan,

          Authors: Anton Huber and Katja Günther

     [*] Modification of Interactive Properties of Starch Glucans by
     Enzymatically Catalyzed Modification of their Branching

          Authors: Anton Huber and Claudia Neuhold

     [*] Characterisation of Catalytic Action of Purified Fructan-Hydrolases
     on Inulin,

          Authors: Anton Huber and Bernhard Pelzl

     [*] Molecular Modeling of Single, Double, and Packed Agarose Helices,

          Authors: Milou Kouwijzer and Serge Perez

     [*] he interaction of purified acetyl(xylan) esterases from
     Phanerochaete chrysosporium with endoxylanses from selected mesophilic
     and thermophilic fungi in the deacetylation of acetylated xylans and

          Authors: C.D. Laffey, M.G. Tuohy, M.Cuffe, J. Puls, M.M. Hughes
          and A.V. Savage

     [*] Production of Arabinogalactan Type I - degrading enzymes by the
     mesophilic fungus, Aspergillus oryzae,

          Authors: L. McLoughlin, M.G. Tuohy, P.M. Murray, M. Cuffe, A.V.
          Savage and C.D. Laffey

     [*] Glycoconjugate analysis to monitor environmental stress in
     developing cotton fibres,

          Author: Allen K. Murray

     [*] New analytical strategies for the characterisation of plant gums
     and exudates,

          Authors: Allen K. Murray

     [*] Interaction between thermostable galactomannan - degrading enzymes
     in the degradation of plant galactomannans,

          Authors: P. Murray, M.G. Tuohy, M.Cuffe and A.V. Savage

     [*] Structure Characterization of Galactoxylomannan (GalXM) of
     Cryptococcus neoformans Cap 67,

          Authors: V. V. Vaishnav, B.E. Bacon and R. Cherniak

Section 15 - Proteoglycans & Glycosaminoglycans

     [*] Heparin-binding lectins from cobra venoms,

          Authors: David G. Fernig and Hassan Rahmoune

     [*] The Decorin Endocytosis Receptor,

          Authors: H. Hausser, P. Wedekind, T. Sperber, R. Peters, A.
          Hasilik and H. Kresse

     [*] General Requirements for Protein-Glycosaminoglycan Interaction,

          Authors: Ronald E. Hileman, Jonathan R. Fromm, Elizabeth E.O.
          Caldwell, John M. Weiler and Robert J. Linhardt

     [*] Interactions of Putative Heparin-Binding Domains of Basic
     Fibroblast Growth Factor and its Receptor, FGFR-1, with Heparin Using
     Synthetic Peptides,

          Authors: Lisa Kinsella, Hai-Lan Chen, John A. Smith, Philip S.
          Rudland and David G.Fernig

     [*] Decorin binding to fibrillar collagens,

          Authors: P.Sini, A.Denti, M.E.Tira, C.Balduini

     [*] Role of heparin binding growth factors in glial progenitor cell
     differentiation and gliomas,

          Author: Sally Stringer

     [*] Helicobacter pylori urease binding of glycosaminoglycans,

          Authors: Meeme Utt, Për Aleljung and Torkel Wadstrøm

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