EGC-2: File Transfer Guidelines

egc2org egc2org at bellatrix.pcl.ox.ac.uk
Wed Aug 28 23:01:25 EST 1996

FIle transfer guidelines for authors who still have to 
deposit their EGC-2 presentation follow.

* Note on Fetch program

If you are using the Fetch program to transfer files
from a Mac please note the following for the transfer of 
graphics files. 

When you use Fetch and click on 'put file' you obtain a little box
which includes a format menu.  If the choice in this format 
menu is Mac binary a .bin is attached and the file is transferred
in Mac binary format.  Unfortunately though this is not a binary format
easily readable on other machine types.  
The option you need to choose is 'raw data'.  If you do this your 
gif graphics files should transfer correctly.

* FTP instructions

FTP means 'file transfer protocol' and there are different programs
for it. On PCs, you should be able to get the simple DOS FTP program,
but there is also a Windows program, and programs for Macs. Refer to
your local computer service to find out more. Let's take the example
that you have the DOS FTP program:

At the DOS prompt type:
ftp bellatrix.pcl.ox.ac.uk

Once connected, when the username prompt appears, type:
(No username for EGC-2 can be used here, only "anonymous".)

When the password prompt appears, type:
<your own e-mail address>
(E.g. if your e-mail is wotan at valhalla.com then type that as the

Then at the ftp prompt, type:
(ASCII transfer may be OK for html text, but problems with gifs may
occur if transfer is not in binary mode.)

Then type:
cd /egc2/<section>/<1st author>/
(This means you are Changing Directory to the folder allocated for
receiving your poster - so if you have a poster with the first author
being Wanderer in section Glycoimmunology, then type:
cd /egc2/immunol/wanderer)

Then type:
put <poster>
(So if you have poster.htm and figure.gif in directory c:\poster then
either first type "lcd c:\poster" (Local Change Directory) and then
"put poster.htm" and "put figure.htm". Otherwise you must use "put
c:\poster\poster.htm" and "put c:\poster\figure.gif")

In addition to your poster files and figures, please enclose a README
file giving information on which is the 'front page' of your poster.
This helps us set up the links for the conference (less preferably,
send an e-mail with this information together with the first author
and section information to egc2org at bellatrix.pcl.ox.ac.uk).

Please note, that the files in uncompressed form are easier for us to
deal with. If you must send .zip, .sit, .hqx or other such files
please make this clear to us.

You can check the contents of your directory by the command:
(Meaning List.)

When you have finished, type:
(This then returns you to your DOS prompt.)

If you have any queries about the above instructions, do e-mail us.

EGC-2 is sponsored by Oxford Glycosystems and Chapman & Hall.
Conference design, organization and operation by Greenlea

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