Better method for deglycosylation...?

Wed Aug 28 12:23:06 EST 1996

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>Subject:       Better method for deglycosylation...?
>Date:          27 Aug 1996 11:54:33 -0700
>The trouble to deglycosylate plant glycoprotein by the conventional 
>digestion (e.g., PNGase F) may be the fact that there is a unique 
>GlcNAc which almost blocks the activity of PNGase F.  I dont know if there 
>is a 1,3fucosidase that can remove this sugar before you digest with PNGase 

TFMS digestion is likely to work although there may be other effects on the 
protein. Boehringer sells a PNGase A which cleaves a1,3-core fucosylated 
N-glycans. I don't know if it will cleave the difucosylated core. 

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