Drs Corne Stroop email address

Corne Stroop cjms at boc.chem.ruu.nl
Wed Aug 21 06:07:30 EST 1996

Charles WARREN wrote:
> Sorry about the use of bandwidth but....
> Dr Corne Stroop: neither I nor Dr Bog-Hansen seem able to reach you at > your
> published email addresses, if you or a colleague receive this, could  > you respond please.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for letting me know there were some problems reaching me. Most
likely our server was down for a while. Anyway I'll give you some
alternatives in case it won't work a next time:

normal: cjms at boc.chem.ruu.nl

alternatives: c.j.m.stroop at chem.ruu.nl
              www at boc.chem.ruu.nl

I hope that will do.

Yours Sincerely,


_/_______________________()____________________________ _/
_/_______________________<>____________________________ _/ 
_/ Corne JM Stroop_____________________________________ _/
_/ Department of Bio-Organic Chemistry_________________ _/
_/ Padualaan 8_________________________________________ _/
_/ NL-3584 CH  Utrecht, Netherlands____________________ _/ 
_/ PHONE: 31-30-2533752________________________________ _/
_/ FAX: 31-30-2540980__________________________________ _/
_/ E-MAIL: cjms at boc.chem.ruu.nl________________________ _/ 
_/ WEB:  http://www.boc.chem.ruu.nl/~cjms/CSHP.html ___ _/
_/_/_/_/Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research_/_/_/_/_/

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