amino acid analysis of glycoproteins

Ray Oomen roomen at HOOKUP.NET
Tue Apr 30 08:49:44 EST 1996

OK, glycochemists, here is a thought experiment:

Given a small amount of glycoprotein, heavily (and heterogeneously) O-
and N-glycosylated, and having been purified in the presence of
detergent (e.g. TX-100), what is the best way to get amino acid
composition and concentration ?

Is there anything wrong with traditional hydrolysis with 6N HCl followed
by HPLC detection of derivatized standards? What would be a suitable and
sensitive label? Will detergent interfere ?  Will the oligosaccharides
refuse in some instances to come off? I don't think so, but maybe
someone has actual experience doing this.

Ray Oomen
roomen at hookup.net

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