colostrum sialyltransferase

Richard Furneaux R.Furneaux at IRL.CRI.NZ
Fri Apr 26 22:34:02 EST 1996

I was having a first look at the Glycoscience Newsgroup, and came across an interesting 
question from Martin Dalziel regarding the role of secreted transferases.

We have been working on the sialyltransferases in bovine colostrum.  What puzzles me is 
that sialy(2,3)lactose and sialyl(2,6)lactose are present at similar amounts in 
colostrum, yet only the sialyl(2,6)transferase activity is present when monitored using 
lactose acceptors.  Why would the enzyme responsible for the 2,3-lnked trisaccharide be 
essentially absent?  Or perhaps the question is why would the 2,6-transferase be 
released while the 2,3-transferase is not?

Martin...did you receive any worthwhile responses?

Richard Furneaux
Industrial Research Limited
New Zealand

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