Sample filtration

Tue Apr 16 18:03:03 EST 1996


>This graduate student would like to know if there is any advice out there 
>on the best filter materials to filter samples containing oligosaccharides, 
>glycopeptides, _or_ glycoproteins.  I intend to use syringe filtration to 
>clean samples of gross particles, minor microbial growth due to extended  
>incubation periods (even with NaN3), and such.  Probably, no one filter 
>type will be suitable for all three applications, but i am overwhelmed by 
>the options.  I think i've ruled two out so far:  nylon and cellulosic 
>filters.  Oh yes, naturally these will be aqueous solutions, and near 
>neutral pH.


Dear Jeremy,

I believe that kits sold by Oxford GlycoSystems for manipulating glycans use PTFE filters. 
Do these work for you?

-Chris West 
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