Sample Filtration

Jeremy Paul Kunkel kunkel at news.cc.umanitoba.ca
Wed Apr 10 09:02:14 EST 1996


This graduate student would like to know if there is any advice out there 
on the best filter materials to filter samples containing oligosaccharides, 
glycopeptides, _or_ glycoproteins.  I intend to use syringe filtration to 
clean samples of gross particles, minor microbial growth due to extended  
incubation periods (even with NaN3), and such.  Probably, no one filter 
type will be suitable for all three applications, but i am overwhelmed by 
the options.  I think i've ruled two out so far:  nylon and cellulosic 
filters.  Oh yes, naturally these will be aqueous solutions, and near 
neutral pH.

Thank you.


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