Recombinant glycoproteins expression in insect cell....

Àå°ÇÈñ s_kernee at cais.kaist.ac.kr
Thu Sep 28 23:59:06 EST 1995

Dear glyco-friends....

I heard that glycosylation in insect cell is poorly understood.

Especially in the case of recombinant glycoproteins expressed in 

insect cell, they say that the glycoproteins lack sialyltion and

has high-mannose structure instead of complex type that we can see

in mammalian glycoproteins. 

But in the mail above (sent by James Fethiere in NRC) describes that

his glycoproteins are 'highly' sialylated !!

Right now, I don't know how I should figure it out by myself !

Would you please give me some comments about this problems.And

I would be deeply appreciated if you suggest any reference on

this matter.

Thank you very much

Kernee H. Chang

Lab. of Bio/Fermentation Tech.    E-mail: Kernee at bioneer.kaist.ac.kr
Dept.of Biological Sciences       FAX: 042-869-2610
Korea Advanced Institute of 
Science and Technology(KAIST).
373-1, Koosung dong,
Yoosung gu, Taejon, 
Republic of Korea.


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