database: glycosylation in glycoprot.?

Stefan.Rosen at mbioekol.lu.se Stefan.Rosen at mbioekol.lu.se
Sat Sep 9 11:38:54 EST 1995

Dear Scientists,

Are there any databases on the Internet with information about which kind
of sugar-chains that are linked to different glycoproteins?

If not, can anyone tell me which of the following proteins (listed below)
that contains O-linked sugars (specially if they contain

I´m interested because I am working with a fungal lectin that have a
similar structure and localisation as the galectins from animals (the
galectins binds Gal-beta-1-3-GalNac-ser/threo) but my lectin seem´s not to
interact with this disaccharide or similar sequences but I have
conflicting data and I´m not 100 % sure. My lectin binds to porcine
stomach mucin and fetuin that contains this disaccharide and to sulfated
glycoconjugates (e.g sulfatide). 

* +  alpha2-macroglobulin (kininogen) (human)
* +? immunoglobulin A1 (human)
* +? immunoglobulin A2 (human)
* -  alpha1-antitrypsin (human)
* -  alpha1-acid glycoprotein (orosmucoid) (bovine)
* +  alpha2-HS glycoprotein (human)
* +  chymotrypsinogen A (bovine)
* -  alpha-casein (bovine)

(+ means that my lectin binds to the protein and - no binding).

Thank you,

Stefan Rosén

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