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  1. Job Advertisement   Liz Hounsell
  2. PS database?   Vicki Finkenstadt
  3. protein standards   Aida Cancel
  4. Re.:Protein Standards   Chris Purple
  5. protein standards   David Ashford
  6. (none)   Illimar Altosaar
  7. protein standards   Iain Wilson
  8. Glycosylated BSA?   David Ashford
  9. protein standards   Iain Wilson
  10. (none)   ingen at RT66.COM
  11. Cross-linking glucose to proteins?   ingen at RT66.COM
  12. Cross-linking glucose to proteins?   khansh at CCMAIL.APLDBIO.COM
  13. Arabino- and xylosidases   Richard F. Ransom
  14. Glycosidase inhibitors   Frank C Hay
  15. Quantitation of Sugars on glycoproteins   Frank C Hay
  16. Quantification of Sugars on glycoproteins   John Proudman, GGPL, B-262
  17. Quantification of Sugars on glycoproteins   John Proudman, GGPL, B-262
  18. Attention Massimo Ragazzi!   Laura Morris
  19. GIG address list site   Laura Morris
  20. Address List Standard Format   Laura Morris
  21. GIG Directory: revised form   Laura Morris
  22. Massimo: rec'd your list   Laura Morris
  23. Complex Carbohydrates as anti-infectives   Mpartsch1
  24. (none)   dhshin
  25. GIG Directory: revised form   Barry Hardy
  26. CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT   UHCA701 at vms.rhbnc.ac.uk
  27. Hydrdrazinolysis   Tim Edmunds
  28. looking for assays for these products of glu metab.   Don A. Walthers
  29. protein standards   rao thotakura
  30. GIG Directory (up and down)   Laura Morris
  31. EGC-1 Tip: look at ECCC-1 pages   Barry Hardy
  32. Draft Glycosci Factsheet - Glycosidases   Iain Wilson
  33. Glycosyltransferase guide now on WWW   Iain Wilson
  34. Information on subscribing, posting, unsubscribing   Iain Wilson
  35. Complex Carbohydrates as anti-infectives   Dmitry E. Tsvetkov
  36. Looking for macrophages   Gordan Lauc
  37. PhD in Glycobiology   Nigel Jenkins
  38. EGC-1: Posters   Barry Hardy
  39. EGC-1: Hyperglossary   Barry Hardy
  41. anti sialyltransferase antibody   Wouter Laroy

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