EGC-1: Hyperglossary

Barry Hardy bhardy at CONVEX.OX.AC.UK
Sun May 28 17:53:58 EST 1995

     The Glycoscience Hyperglossary Project

     During EGC-1 a Glycoscience Hyperglossary will be created.
The glossary will serve to define scientific terms in the glycosciences
through the creation of an electronic multimedia dictionary.
The idea for this project was prompted by my sitting in on the
first virtual course on protein structure hosted this spring
by Peter Murray Rust and Alan Mills at Birbeck College.
To get an idea of what such a glossary looks like point your 
browser to the following URL:
It's only fitting that if such a fine resource is created for proteins
that one should be created for carbohydrates and glycoconjugates!
     VICTORIA FINKENSTADT of Purdue University will be the project
manager and curator.  If you think you may be interested in working
with her on this project please contact her directly at 
vicki at kiwi.foodsci.purdue.edu

Barry J. Hardy

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