EGC-1: Posters

Barry Hardy bhardy at CONVEX.OX.AC.UK
Sun May 28 17:52:59 EST 1995

             EGC-1 -- Posters

     The possibilites of presenting a poster at EGC-1 provide 
participants significant flexibility.  For example, a poster can
have very significant content when presented as a Web document and
can easily approach the depth of a real paper.  Also, a 'poster'
can be presented in the sense that a 'talk' is presented at a 
regular conference and can be accompanined by significant interactive
discussion.  The poster option also allows the alternative presentation of
material which authors have published elsewhere in the same
sense that material is presented at regular talks. If authors
have a concern over copyright conficts we encourage the
use of original Figures or the release of permission from publishers.
     We will retain abstracts of all posters as part of the permanent 
publication of EGC-1 and also offer the option at the end of the conference
of retaining a premanent record of the poster if the author(s) desire.
If authors have a concern over copyright conficts we encourage the
use of original Figures or the release of permission from publishers.
     To provide some further insight I enclose an abstract of a poster
I will be presenting at EGC-1 with Alan Robinson and John Towell.
In this case our 'poster' will be an active space.  You might imagine 
an object or image you could create based on your work that could
be presented in the gallery.  We welcome any contributions that fit
the gallery's theme for EGC-1.

Barry Hardy

-------- An Example Poster Abstract for EGC-1 -----------------------------

An exhibit in THE BIOMOLECULAR REALITY - "Visualizations of
Structural Diversity and Complexity at Biomolecular Interfaces"

by Barry J. Hardy(1), Alan J. Robinson(1) and John Towell(2)

(1) Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, 
South Parks Road, Oxford University, Oxford, OX1 3QZ, U.K.
Email: bhardy at convex.ox.ac.uk, alan at phys.chem.ox.ac.uk

(2) Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, U.S.A.
Email: m50jft1 at hayek.cob.niu.edu

     We have created The Biomolecular Reality as a space in which
biomolecular stuctures are built, displayed and interacted with in
a virtual gallery.  The Biomolecular Reality exists on the
World Wide Web and is interfaced to a Networked Virtual Environment. 
     The techniques of biomolecular modeling and graphics
are used to create virtual images and objects which provide both a 
presentation of scientific information and an artistic interpretation
of their aesthetics.  The gallery is a public cyberplace created for 
the appreciation and interaction of these images.  Biomolecular exhibits 
in a gallery subspace are created around a particular theme.
     The Biomolecular Building Machine is provided to visitors to 
construct and manipulate their own structural designs.  New creations 
may be added to the exhibit and annotations can be appended to
preexisting objects.  Fertile objects can be replicated thus allowing
the creation of a virtual doggie bag.
     For the First Electronic Glycoscience Conference (EGC-1) we present
an exhibit in the Biomolecular Reality: "Visualizations of
Structural Diversity and Complexity at Biomolecular Interfaces".
The images and objects will be based on molecular constructions
of biomolecules including carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and water 
interacting at membrane interfaces.  We particularly focus on the
role of carbohydrate structures in molecular recognition and interaction.

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