Looking for macrophages

Gordan Lauc glauc at hr.srce.x400
Tue May 23 11:15:41 EST 1995

Dear Netters

I need some help to locate human macrophages using flow cytometry.

My colleagues and I are trying to analyze changes in surface distribution of
galectin-3 on mouse peritoneal macrophages, but we are still not able to
unequivocally locate macrophages on a flow cytometer distribution map.

I have very limited experience with the flow cytometry and the person who
does it for me has never worked with macrophages so we are in a dead end.
We have tried every trick we could think off but we still have no reliable
result. Literature search also did not prove to be of too helpful. The only
useful data I found was the size relationship to sheep erythrocytes, but I
somehow doubt that I would be able to locate them on that basis.

Can anybody HELP ME?

Any suggestions will be welcome. I would also be very happy if somebody
would be so kind to mark macrophages on my distribution maps of mouse
peritoneal exudate (I will send them by fax).

Thank you in advance

Gordan Lauc

Please reply to my private address (GLAUC at X400.SRCE.HR). I do not
have usenet and I am not subscribed to this newsgroup.

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