GIG Directory (up and down)

Laura Morris chelcmx at WOLF.GSU.EDU
Fri May 19 10:53:20 EST 1995

Dear All,

I appreciate the response I've been getting on the request for information
for the Directory of Glycoscientists. Right now (May 19th, 11:45 my time)
the WWW server is down. I've put in a request for it to be put back up so
hopefully the SysAdmin will take care of it.

I'm going out of town for a week (starting Sunday) so I won't be able to
process any requests then and I'm too busy right now to process all I've
gotten. I should be able to get caught back up a few days after I get

I apologize for the delay. 



Laura C. Morris              chelcmx at wolf.gsu.edu
Dept. of Chemistry           chelcmx at gsusgi1.gsu.edu
Georgia State University     Phone: (404)651-3868
Atlanta, GA 30303 USA          Fax: (404)651-1416

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