GIG Directory: revised form

Barry Hardy bhardy at convex.ox.ac.uk
Wed May 17 05:32:51 EST 1995

To the GIG list & the Glycosci Newsgroup

Laura Morris is setting up a Glycoscience Directory at the following
Web Page:

It is now also linked into from the The Glycoscience Network Home Page:

Thanks Laura for setting up this Glycoscience Directory for us.

Although a relatively large number of electronic addresses have been
adding to the GIG list I am deciding to not forward this list to
the Directory as 1) people who signed up to the list did not necessarily
do so for this purpose, and 2) the list has very incomplete information
compared to a directory entry.

So I ask all glycosci newsreaders and/or GIG list members to contact
Laura/access her pages directly for the purposes of making a directory

One request: the newsgroup should not really be used for messages
on this topic - it is far preferable that such communication is
done through private email, use of the Web.


Barry J. Hardy

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