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Laura Morris chelcmx at WOLF.GSU.EDU
Thu May 11 13:11:20 EST 1995

Dear All,

I've gotten up a VERY BARE glycosci-directory at


It's mostly bare because I haven't had the time to input all the info I
have. The people who sent the address list info to me recently are in fact
the only ones on there right now. Massive additions are expected soon. 

I hope to be getting a mailing list from Massimo Ragazzi soon. I'll
probably use the standard format he's already created for his list.

If you want to submit additions or corrections send email to me at
either address listed below (although I prefer chelcmx at wolf.gsu.edu)


P.S. I plan to put everyone I find out about (eventually) on the list. If
you know of someone who doesn't want his or her name on the list I need to
get email (snailmail, fax, or phone okay) from them telling me to delete

Laura C. Morris              chelcmx at wolf.gsu.edu
Dept. of Chemistry           chelcmx at gsusgi1.gsu.edu
Georgia State University     Phone: (404)651-3868
Atlanta, GA 30303 USA          Fax: (404)651-1416

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