Address List Standard Format

Laura Morris chelcmx at WOLF.GSU.EDU
Thu May 11 13:51:42 EST 1995

Iain Wilson suggested a standard format (below) which will be used for the
address list. 

Iain's example :-)

Name:           Felix Ellelou 
Institution:    University of Somewhere 
Address:        Timbuktoo
Country:        Kush
Tel/Fax:        +103-1-8946, +103-1-8937
Position:       orange seller
Keywords:       execution, many wives, coup

The address list site is:


(No, there's not a lot on there right now. Give me a week or so.)

To be added to the list send your information to me at one of the
addresses below.

Laura C. Morris              chelcmx at wolf.gsu.edu
Dept. of Chemistry           chelcmx at gsusgi1.gsu.edu
Georgia State University     Phone: (404)651-3868
Atlanta, GA 30303 USA          Fax: (404)651-1416

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