Arabino- and xylosidases

Richard F. Ransom rransom at msu.edu
Mon May 8 19:52:12 EST 1995

Hopefully I'm in the right group for this:

I have just purified a bifunctional b-xylosidase/a-arabinosidase and an
a-arabinosidase from a plant-pathogenic fungus (Cochliobolus carbonum). 
found a couple of similar enzymes purified from rumenal bacteria, but I'm
wondering if anyone knows of similar enzymes purified from fungi or any
(non-bacterial) sources.  Any help would be appreciated (I've already searched
Agricola, Current Contents, and Nentrez databases, as well as Swiss-Prot. etc).


Richard Ransom

rransom at msu.edu

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