protein standards

Aida Cancel axc19 at psu.edu
Wed May 3 17:29:15 EST 1995

I am trying to detect if a protein that we have isolated is glycosylated or 
not.  I recently bought the Glyco Trak Kit (Oxford..)  and I have used it with 
some success.  However, I still need to add a positive and a negative control 
to my experiment.  I tried beta-casein from bovine milk (SIGMA as well as 
fibrinogen (SIGMA) and both appear to be glycosylated.  Calling SIGMA to make 
sure that these two were indeed glycosylated didn't work,...they couldn't tell 
me.  They couldn't recommend a non-glycosylated protein to be used as a 
standard either.  Can anyone here help me!  If you would have to pick two 
proteins, a glycosylated control and a non-glycosylated control, which ones 
would you think I should use?

Your help will be appreciated,


Aida M. Cancel
Dairy Breeding Research Center
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802 

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