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Liz Hounsell ehounsel at bsm.biochemistry.ucl.ac.uk
Mon May 1 08:48:32 EST 1995

Please could you post the following Job Avertisement on Glycosciences 
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Research Positions available 
Glycoprotein Structure/Function Group 
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
University College London

The laboratory of Dr. Elizabeth Hounsell has several vacancies at 
postgraduate and postdoctoral level with promised funding variously from the 
MRC, the University of London and Industry.  The research is at the leading 
edge in macromolecular structural studies of glycoproteins, glycopeptides 
and oligosaccharides and has at its aim the manipulation of glycosylated 
molecules to improve the immune surveillance of tumour cells and 
microorganisms and, on the other hand, to ameliorate the immune- and neuro- 
pathology occurring in AIDS, arthritis and prion diseases.  The techniques 
used to study the structure/function relationships involved are computer 
graphics molecular modeling incorporating data from NMR spectroscopy, 
together with HPLC, GC and MS analysis and chromatographic purification.  In 
addition we have access to X-ray crystallographic expertise.  It is 
envisaged that we will employ a postgraduate student for a PhD project from 
October 1995 and before then two one year postdoctoral fellow and a 
permanent graduate research assistantship.  Applicants with any research 
experience in carbohydrate biochemistry, chemistry or physicochemistry are 
requested to apply to Dr. Hounsell at the above address, or ....

email:e.hounsell at ucl.ac.uk

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