Degradation pathway through high mannose glycosylation?

Ching Yuan ching at tgevax.life.uiuc.edu
Thu Mar 30 15:41:54 EST 1995

Hi! Netter
We recently sequenced some glycoprotein's N-oligosaccharide.
(With exoglycosidases)  
To our surprise, this oligosaccharide has a high-mannose type abridged 
structure instead of hybrid, abridged type found in other species.
Since in other species(for the same protein), this kind of oligosaccharide
mediates the sorting and degradation pathway of this protein, we've   
experienced some difficulties to explain this data.
Can anyone tell me any oligosaccharide-mediated degradation pathway involving 
high-mannose structure beside hybrid or complex type(asialo-sialo......)?
Also, can anyone give us the information about a biotech company called Oxford?
Thank you for your attention.  


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