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> I found the following posting on bionet.neurosci. and thought it might be
> relevant to the discussion on publishing the GIG articles.
> Within the next 6 weeks a new series of magazines will be launched, which
> will have a hard copy available to interested parties, as well as a major
> publication series available on the web. The magazines will deal with many
> subject areas, and will have hypertext points imprinted into features, so
> the reader can access the WWW, and simply go to the relevant pages,
> following the same hypertext links as shown in the magazines.
> The future.......
> Our aim is to promote science, and scientific issues mainly in the field
> of bioscience. Both the magazines and the WWW pages will eventually have
> articles and links to publications, posters, and as many products and
> suppliers as we can get interested in publishing with us. So, if you know
> of anyone who would be interested in providing articles, publishing
> information to assist other scientists, or you work for a company who
> wants to advertise , and set up pages on the WWW, we aim to become the one
> stop point to leap off into the web, and other internet areas. Send me an
> email, and I'll keep you up to date on our progress. Also let me know if
> you want to  register for the first issue of the first magazine to be
> published early May '95. Diagnostics, Biotechnology and Life-sciences will
> be the areas first targeted for publication.
> TO ALL INTERESTED ADVERTISERS - the deadline for the first issue will be
> in 3-4 weeks time. Please contact me urgently for more information - your
> advert will also secure you web space and hypertext links!!!!!
> I look forward to hearing from you all...
> Best wishes,
> Jon Waterman-Smith   E-mail address.....  jpwscyto at pavilion.co.uk
> Looks like the future is already here!
> Regards to all,
> Celia.
Please keep me posted on the addresses and locations of any material in the field you have or do intend to post (when you actually set up). Thanks[|:-)
May your days be filled with sensory stimuli.

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