O-linked glycosylation

mike quesenberry quese_m at JHUVMS.HCF.JHU.EDU
Fri Mar 17 12:17:41 EST 1995

About the recombinant mannose-binding protein binding the Pichia expression
product, the requirements for binding are equatorial c3 & c4 hydroxyls, with
many substituents accepted at 1, 6 etc (Y. C. & Reiko Lee's work, to name
one source of many).  However, single-site binding is quite weak, in the
millimolar range for monosaccharides.  So, if there's just one per molecule
it's maybe not worth trying.  Presumably the recombinant MBP must be
immobilized.  I made some attempts in Kurt Drickamer's lab to covalently
immobilize rMBP, and it is possible to immobilize and retain activity on
DITC glass beads if immobilization is in the presence of calcium.  Dr.
Drickamer recently (last week, I think) moved to Oxford, and I don't know if
he reads this newsgroup, but he's the best person to contact.

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