publication of EGC-1 papers?

Jerry Thomas jerry at boc.chem.ruu.nl
Thu Mar 16 07:35:06 EST 1995

Laura Morris <chelcmx at wolf.gsu.edu> wrote:

In your announcement of EGC-1 you said "It is intended that papers will be
refereed prior to publication in both traditional and electronic formats."
What exactly does this mean with respect to the traditional format? Would a
paper be sent in to a journal (Carbohydrate Research for example) with a
note attached saying that it had already been reviewed by Drs. X and Y when
presented at EGC-1?

And how is a traditional format like Carbohydrate Research going to feel
about publishing a paper that has already been presented in full on the
Web (and is probably still on the Web)?

In article <3k6du8$8ie at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>, Barry Hardy <bhardy at convex.ox.ac.uk> writes:
|> Laura, 
|>      Thanks for your questions on publishing EGC-1 papers.  One 
|> reason that we did not provide more information on certain aspects
|> of the conference is that they are still being worked out.  After the
|> ACS conference in Anaheim I will be visiting publishers to hash out the
|> publishing details.  The rough idea is that we will publish the papers   
|> in paper format and CD leaving them on the Web for a short while
|> after the conference and then taking them off.  But the exact details
|> have not yet been worked out.  We should get full details out later in
|> the Spring.

I would like to have a lot more public input into the issues raised by
Laura in her posting *and* into the final nature and format of EGC-1.

We have in the electronic format the opportunity to create a more 
interactive and democratic forum for scientific discourse. Perhaps we
can begin to take advantage of this opportunity in the early stages
of planning.

Some questions for consideration are:

Is EGC-1 going to be a meeting in the conventional sense, and if so, why
must submissions be 'refereed'?

Who are these referees and how will they be chosen?

Can we consider alternatives to conventional peer review, e.g. 
non-anonymous reviews, published reviews, etc.

What is the purpose of publishing the submissions in a paper journal?

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