Current State of Modeling of carbohydrates

Peter Grootenhuis p.grootenhuis at organon.akzonobel.nl
Thu Jun 22 02:52:51 EST 1995

Todd Raeker's question/comment.

Hi Todd,

Here is an incomplete list of reviews since 1990 that cover the state of 
the art in carbohydrate modeling:
S.Perez et al., Adv.Comput.Biol. 1(1994)147-202.
J.W.Brady Adv.Biophys.Chem. 1(1990)155-202.
B.Meyer Top.Curr.Chem. 154(1990)141-208.
H.van Halbeek, Curr.Opin.Struct.Biol. 4(1994)697-709.
P.D.J.Grootenhuis et al., Tr.Biotechnol.(TIBTECH) 12(1994)9-14
I.Tvaroska Curr.Opin.Struct.Biol. 2(1991)661-
J.Koehler Top.Mol.Struct.Biol. 16(1991)69-
E.J.Toone Curr.Opin.Struct.Biol. 4(1994)719-728.
A.D.French&J.W.Brady(eds) Computer Modeling of Carbohydrate Molecules,
                          ACS Symposium Series, ACS:Washington, 1990.

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