Current State of Modeling of carbohydrates

Rachel Shepherd R.Shepherd at irl.cri.nz
Thu Jun 22 18:04:26 EST 1995

In article <3s9d9m$dnd at Phoenix.kent.edu> Todd J. Raeker writes:
>From: Todd J. Raeker
>Subject: Current State of Modeling of carbohydrates
>Date: 21 Jun 1995 15:19:18 GMT
>Keywords: Modeling

>Hello all,

>  I am currently conducting theoretical modeling research in the materials 
>chemistry area.  I am considering broadening my research into the 
>bio-materials arena.  I would be very gald to here any comments or receive 
>references discussing the current state of affairs in modeling carbohydrates.  
>What are your feelings as to what are the important questions that modeling can 
>help answer?  From what I can gather from scanning through the recent literature 
>their appears to not be much happening with modeling.  Is this so?  I have 
>developed a few techniques in materials chemistry that may very well be quite 
>useful in bio-materials modeling.

> I will summarize replies if there is interest.  Thanks for any info sent my 


>Dr. Todd Raeker

Hi Todd

I am doing some work with polysaccharide modelling and I am interested in 
structure-function relationships.   I think there area is expanding.  I hope 
that helps.


Dr Rachel Shepherd

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