Ph.D. Studentship in Molecular Biotechnology

Iain Wilson WILSON at edv1.boku.ac.at
Wed Jun 21 14:53:00 EST 1995

Posted on behalf of Prof. Nigel Jenkins:

De Montfort University
School of Applied Sciences

Ph.D. Studentship in 
Molecular Biotechnology

Studying the alternative glycosylation pathway1 in genetically modified 
animal cells used for the manufacture of recombinant proteins. The project 
will provide a training in cell culture, glycoprotein analysis, and some 
molecular biology techniques. The student will join the research team of 
Prof. Nigel Jenkins2,3 and enquiries can be addressed to him on 0116 257 
7118 ,or  email njenkins at dmu.ac.uk

Candidates should hold, or expect to obtain at least a 2:1 Honours Degree in 
Biochemistry or Cell Biology, and fulfil the other BBSRC eligibility 
requirements (British citizenship or residence in UK for 3 years).
Applications enclosing C.V. should be sent to the School of Applied 
Sciences, De Montfort University, Leicester LE1 9BH by 26th June.
 Starting  date is 1st October 1995. Stipend stlg6,500 p.a.

1. Villers, C., Plancke, Y., Cacan, R. and Verbert, A. 1994. Rapid detection 
of the alternative N-glycosylation pathway using high pH anion-exchange 
chromatography. Glycoconjugate J. 11:226-231.
2. Jenkins, N. 1995. Monitoring and control of recombinant glycoprotein 
heterogeneity in animal cell cultures. Biochem. Soc. Trans. 23:171-175.
3. Jenkins, N. and Curling, E.M. 1994. Glycosylation of recombinant 
proteins: problems and prospects. Enzyme Microb. Technol. 16:354-364.

Does anyone know details about the enzyme responsible for conversion of 
N-acetyl to N-glycolylneuraminic acid? Has it been cloned, if so has anyone 
got the cDNA?

 email njenkins at dmu.ac.uk


Thanks Iain

Prof. Nigel Jenkins 
njenkins at dmu.ac.uk
School of Applied Sciences
De Montfort University
Leicester LE1 9BH, U.K.
Tel:++116 257 7118
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