Transferrin oilgosaccharides

Martin Dalziel martin at AXFORD.DEMON.CO.UK
Thu Jun 15 11:13:16 EST 1995

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know if human transferrin oligosaccharides can interact with
the tertiary
structure of transferrin itself, similar to the oligosaccharide - protein
interaction of the
IgG Fc region?
The reason I ask is that anti-lewis x monoclonal mouse IgM antibody can
only recognise human transferrin under denaturing conditions, with no
binding seen with native glycoprotein. This
is a similar observation to that seen with the sialic acid lectins SNA and
MAA when probed
against IgG Fc fragment, where denaturation is required (Fab fragment
easily seen with native conditions).
It may, of course, be an artifact of denaturing conditions, or monoclonal used.

Anyone care to comment?
Anyone care?
Anyone there?

Martin Dalziel
Division of Immunology
St George's Hospital Medical School

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