monosaccharide analysis

Patricia_W._Cash_at_~PRISYR05 at ccmail.bms.com Patricia_W._Cash_at_~PRISYR05 at ccmail.bms.com
Tue Jun 13 13:51:19 EST 1995

     Dear Chisoon Chang:
     You wrote that you were worried about amino acids sticking to the 
     PA-1 column. I don't believe that the amino acids stay on the column.  
     I know that some amino acids interfere with quantitation of sugars 
     (i.e. lysine elutes very close to galactosamine).  Does any one else 
     have information about amino acids sticking to the PAC-1 column?
     I use a 2N TFA hydrolysis for neutral monosaccharides and 6N HCl 
     hydrolysis at 100 C for 4 hours for the amino monosaccharides.  I am 
     primarily analyzing glycoproteins.  Glycopeptides would probably have 
     more amino acid interference. 
     Please contact me if you want more details.  My email is cash at bms.com
     Pat Cash

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