Plant Glycan Workshop

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York Science and Technology Workshops
1995 - Biotechnology Awareness

Plant Polysaccharides and Glycoproteins as Sources of 
Bioactive Molecules
6 - 8 September 1995

In plants the utilisation of carbohydrate in metabolism and 
more especially in the plant cell wall is extreme. Plants 
therefore have an enormous potential for diversification of 
biological function by taking advantage of carbohydrate 
This workshop comprises sessions dealing with the major 
types of bioactive oligosaccharides and their parent plant 
polysaccharides and glycoproteins. Each session leader will 
give details of the current state of play in their area and 
then lead the subsequent discussion.

Topics and speakers include:

Oligosaccharide fragments from pectin that act as regulatory 
signals in plants, Prof Dianna Bowles.
Changes in expression of cell surface arabinogalactan 
proteins with plant cell development, Dr Roger Pennell.
Enzymes that act on xyloglucan, Prof Grant Reid.
N-glycans with biological activity in plants, Dr David 

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