Glycosyltransferase guide - revised and with W3 links!

Iain Wilson wilson at edv1.boku.ac.at
Tue Jun 6 16:00:16 EST 1995

The revised version of the guide to cloned glycosyltransferases is
now available at the same URL as before:


It now includes W3 links to genbank and swissprot databases and, for a
new paper, even a link to the new J. Biol. Chem. on-line service.

As a general point - it appears that some transferases lack EC numbers
or that the EC numbers do not reflect the variety of specificities.
Perhaps a group should form which may consider whether a revision of
glycosyltransferase EC numbers is required. A lack of co-ordinated
nomenclature can cause confusion - I hope I have not been too confused
with the guide.

With help from the European Bioinformatics Institute the guide will be
revised again when new swissprot URLs become available. Some sequences
have escaped my notice through my own searching - these should then
appear - but any notification of errors/omissions is gratefully 
received. Also it seems that not all sequences reported in the
literature (particularly partial sequences) have been deposited 
with the databases - and so cannot be referred to without going to 
the relevant journal - I have not checked the nature of the sequence 
in all such instances. Other partial sequences have been deposited - 
hence the large number of entries for, say, beta-1,4-Gal transferase. 
There are also an increasing number of ESTs, but I have not added these.
The bibliography is not meant to be exhaustive - but again any additions
gratefully received.

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