O and N-Linked Separation

Steven Pirie-Shepherd srps at galactose.mc.duke.edu
Tue Jun 6 08:23:39 EST 1995

A.Thomson (at11 at ukc.ac.uk) wrote:
: I am looking for a method to separate a population of N-linked and O-linked
: Glycoproteins.
: One of the proteins has both forms of glycosylation present with the other 
: having only O-linked glycosylation
: I have considered some form of affinity chromatography using Con A agarose
: but i am unsure as to whether this will be specific only for N-linked
: oligosaccharides.

: A. Thomson.  

In our lab we regularly seperate Plasminogen 1 and 2. Pg1 has N- and O- 
linked, Pg2 only has O-linked. We use Con A with great routine success to 
seperate Pg1 (binds) from Pg2 (eluets in the flow through). Or you can 
use Jacalin (recognises GalNAc-Gal disaccharide on O-linked) and elute 
Ph1 and collect Pg2 in the bound fraction). There are ample references 
for this sort of thing, which i will post if there is enough intersest.

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