sugar analysis on Dionex's pad

chisoon chang cscsite at CLARK.NET
Mon Jun 5 15:22:57 EST 1995

Dear Pat Cash:

I read Mr Trimble's message regarding the monosaccharide analysis on the GIG
post.  We are currently analysing a small glycopeptide sample and trying to
use the same dionex pad system to detect the type of sugar.  my question is
if there is some aminoacid left from the hydrolysis (either by acid or
base), how do u remove the amino acid from sugar so that the amino acid
residue will not damage the PAC- 1 column because my colleague tell me that
the amino acid will permenant stay on the colum?  The chromatography method
only separates both fractions, but do not tell which fraction is the sugar
and which is the amino acid. Would it be possible that I can have the
hydrolysis method for glycoprotein or the reference.  Thank u.

p.s. what is your exact mail address?

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