computational work in carbohydrates

Leon Gardner lgardner at Phoenix.kent.edu
Mon Jul 31 13:14:20 EST 1995

I am a new graduate student in a computational chemistry group at Kent
State Univesity, My advisor wants to branch out in some new directions
from his previous work, and is considering getting involved in
carbohydrate research. But we only want to do work that the rest of
the carbohydrate community will find useful, So I want to ask: what
sort of computational work in carbohydrates would be useful? I would
especially be interested in knowing what experimental carbohydrate
chemists would like in the way of a computer program that would make
their work easier. We also want to know if everyone is pretty happy
with the state of affairs; then we can work on something else,

I really appreciate any thoughts people would have on this subject. I
would prefer you not send replies to the e-mail address posted at the
top of this message, but to the one I give below. Thanks.

                                      gardner at saturn.kent.edu

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