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Francois-Regis Chalaoux (chalaoux at radium.jussieu.fr) wrote:
: Bonjour,

: I am new in the domain of GlycoBiology and i would like to obtain some Bibliographic
: informations about Glycoprotein ..... :

: - Reviews on the glycosylation, its Biological Roles, the Biochemical aspects
: - Reviews on Carbohydrate roles
: - Reviews on Glycoprotein Synthesis

: Sincerely yours.

: FR.

I have just taken possesion of two new (ish) books in the 'Practical 
Approach ' series. One is Molecular Glycobiology and the other is 
Carbohydrate analysis. Both are from OUP (URL) and are the usual multi 
author, centrally edited..quite handy stock practical appraoch book!

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