Glycoprotein analysis

Rafael Apitz, Lab. de Biocatalisis, IVIC rapitz at cbb.ivic.ve
Fri Jul 21 17:07:29 EST 1995

I am begining to analyse a new glycoprotein from animal source for 
carbohydrate content.  Since I'm a newcomer in glycoscience, I would like to 

1. Of an HPLC protocol for HPLC separation of oligosaccharides obtained 
after hydrazinolysis.

2. HPLC protocol for monosaccharides obtained after methanolysis of either 
the protein or the oligos.

Does anyone uses "GlycoPrep" from Oxford GlycoSystems coupled to "Signal" 
from the same company ?

Thank you

Rafael Apitz
<rapitz at cbb.ivic.ve>

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