Glycobiologist PhD looking for postdoc

Martin Dalziel martin at axford.demon.co.uk
Tue Jul 18 08:42:39 EST 1995

I am a final year PhD student researching immunoglobulin and cellular
glycosylation in the autoimmune condition rheumatoid arthritis. I
intend to submit and defend my thesis by December 1995.
I have experience with oligosaccharide (cellular and circulating
glycoproteins) lectin analysis using sialic acid and galactose specific
lectins (SDS-PAGE, western/lectin blotting, sialidase treatment etc..),
cellular glycosyltransferase enzyme assays (N-2,6STase, 0-2,3STase,
1,4GTase etc..), FACS analysis, hybridoma cell line work, and
glycosyltransferase molecular biology analysis (RFLP analysis of
1,4GTase, RNase protection assay of N-2,6STase and 1,4GTase).
If anyone in the field of glycobiology (esp sialylation work) has any
postdoctoral positions , or knowledge of potential positions, I would
appreciate any information


Martin Dalziel
martin at axford.demon.co.uk

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