conformation of glycoprotein

Tonny de Beer tonny at boc.chem.ruu.nl
Tue Jul 11 06:51:27 EST 1995

>Does anyone know any works and references about modeling of conformation
>of carbohydrate part of glycoprotein? I've searched CA between 1986 and
>1993, but got little result.

>Henry Hongyu Zhang

In the first issue of Nature-Structural Biology ((Aug.1994) 1 499-501 )
there is an article from Woods, R.J., Edge, C.J. & Dwek, R.A in which they mention using a modified Amber force field (GLYCAM-93) in studying the carbohydrates of RNAse B. 
I also recall a lecture of Mark Wormald at the XVI th International Conference on magnetic resonance in biological systems in Veldhoven last year an I think he 
applied it to Imunnoglobulin G. You might want to contact him. Since he also works in Oxford he probably used the same program.
Please give a summary of the responses that you receive.
Good luck



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