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> >Would you please repost the notice I saw some time ago about a 
> >carbohydrate structure database?  Thanks -------Sandy
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> I assume you mean the CarbBank and The Complex Structure Database.

> Info on these can be obtained from 

> Dana Smith - EMail - 76424.1122 at Compuserve.Com

> This is a big (>60M) application

Carbank is available by anonymous FTP from ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, in the 
repository/carbank directory.  I attach the readme28.ftp below.



| B.F. Francis Ouellette  
| francis at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov   


ReadMe28.ftp for CarbBank v. 2.8 and CCSD11
(IBM-PC-DOS, NCBI repository release, December 1994)

CarbBank is the database manager for the Complex Carbohydrate
Structure Database (CCSD). The CCSD contains a computer
representation of published complex carbohydrate sequences and
information about the source of the publication.

This file contains information that will enable you to determine
if CarbBank will run on your system.

This file also explains how to contact the CarbBank staff in case
you would like to obtain a printed copy of the software
instruction manual, get assistance in running the software, or
make comments about the software.

==  A. Minimum System Requirements, PC DOS version  ==

Fixed disk        with at least 0.8 Mb free for CarbBank and a
                  local or networked cd-ROM drive or fixed disk
                  with 60 Mb free for the CCSD files

DOS               MS or PC version 3.3 or higher

cd-ROM            CarbBank and CCSD are available on PC-
                  compatible cd-ROM disks

expanded RAM      will use up to 4 Mb of EMS RAM

system RAM        minimum of 420-435 Kb DOS RAM free, depending
                  on the amount of EMS available

monitor/adaptor   VGA color

config.SYS        Files=20 or greater
                  Country code = 001, for non-U.S. computers
                  Code Page = 437, for non-U.S. computers

==  B. Download and extract files ==

Use the ftp facilities to download the following files to your
computer. The filetype of each file is indicated beneath its
name. Before you "get" or download binary files, you must issue
the system command "Binary". Before you "get" or download ASCII
files, you must issue the system command "ASCII".

1. CBank28.exe    Download to your local fixed disk (i.e.,
   (binary)       C:\CarbBank). CBank28.exe is a self-extracting
                  file that contains the CarbBank program files
                  (listed below) and the program manual. Extract
                  files by running the CBank28 program. CarbBank
                  can not be run from a read-only disk. You must
                  install files on a write-enabled fixed disk,
                  preferably a local fixed disk.

2. CCSD11.exe     Download to local fixed disk or to network
   (binary)       fixed disk. CCSD11.exe is a self-extracting
                  file that contains the CCSD files (listed
                  below). Extract files by running the CCSD9
                  program. CCSD11 can be accessed if it resides
                  on a write-enabled, read-only, or network disk.

3. Manual28.exe   Download to local fixed disk. Manual28.exe is a
   (binary)       self-extracting file that contains sections of
                  the CarbBank manual in an encapsulated
                  PostScript format, so that you can print
                  sections of the manual.

                  Run the Manual28 program to extract enclosed
                  files. Sections of the manual, stored in files
                  with an extension ".eps", are printed by
                  copying each file to your PostScript printer.

4. Readme28.ftp   This file. Download to local fixed disk.

==  C. CarbBank files  ==

List of CarbBank files that should be on fixed disk when you are
done extracting files:

  CarbBank.exe    executable program file
  CarbBank.h28    help messages
  CarbBank.z28    supplementary information for CarbBank
  CarbBank.pif    Windows 3.1 pif file for CarbBank
  Carbb1.TTF      True Type, Windows 3.1 font  (see below)
  Carbb2.TTF      True Type, Windows 3.1 font  (see below)

To start the CarbBank program from the DOS prompt,
type "CarbBank" then press the Return key.

==  D. CCSD files  ==

CarbBank can access the CCSD on a local or network drive.

CCSD files that should be on the fixed disk when you are
done extracting files:

  CCSD11.C28      database file, holds variable-length records
  CCSD11.PTR      database file, holds pointers to records
  CCSD11.IDX      database Index file

==  E. True Type Font Files  ==

Carbb1.TTF and Carbb2.TTF are Windows 3.1 True Type fixed width
fonts. If you want to print CarbBank records with your Windows-
compatible word processor, use the Windows Font installer to make
these fonts available, then format CarbBank text as CarbBank

==  F. Update Announcements  ==

Several users have asked us to notify them by EMail when we post
new software on the ftp server, typically, every 3 months.

Users that want to be notified, send us an email message stating
that you want to be notified. Please include postal mail address,
voice phone number, and EMail address.

==  G. Questions? Problems?  ==

If you need help or have a comment, phone,
Fax, or EMail your request to:

  Dana Smith
  CarbBank/CCSD Manager
  University of Georgia
  114 W. Magnolia
  Suite 305
  Bellingham, WA 98225

  Phone:    206-733-7183    [360-733-7183 after 31 Jan 1995]
  Fax:      206-733-7283    [360-733-7283 after 31 Jan 1995]
  Internet: 76424.1122 at Compuserve.Com

end of ReadMe28.ftp for CarbBank v. 2.8
(IBM-PC-DOS, NCBI repository release, December 1994)

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