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  1. Glycoproteins   Barry Hardy
  2. Faculty Position   Kieran Breen
  3. RSC Spring Meeting   Jerry Thomas
  4. BIOSCI/bionet WWW page   Jerry Thomas
  5. 'Glycobiology' and abstracts for South Bend meeting - a clarific   Iain Wilson
  6. Acid maltase deficiency   Roy Jefferis
  7. Research Studentship   Kieran Breen
  8. PostDoc and PhD student positions at Utrecht   Albert van Kuik
  9. PostDoc and PhD student position   Albert van Kuik
  10. DRAFT GLYCOSCI FAQ No. 1 (Cloned glycosyltransferases)   Iain Wilson
  11. Top Ten list for the Glycosciences   Barry Hardy
  12. xylose and arabinose   Bob Cherniak
  13. Protein glycosylation   Kieran Breen
  14. 4-linked Gal   T. Shantha Raju
  15. Greetings from Harrow   Chun-Ting Yuen x3470
  16. Oligosaccharide analysis methods   Iain Wilson
  17. Oligosaccharide analysis methods   mike quesenberry
  18. 4-linked Gal   Iain Wilson
  19. xylose and arabinose   Iain Wilson
  20. Protein glycosylation   David Ashford
  21. 4-linked Gal   John Nash
  22. Protein glycosylation and targetting   Petety V. Balaji
  23. 4-linked Gal   Khoo
  24. 1-H NMR chemical shifts of L-arabinofuranosides   Merilyn Manley-harris
  25. Where to obtain oligosaccharide portion of gangliosides?   Ethan A Merritt
  26. 4-linked Gal   T. Shantha Raju
  27. 1H shifts of L arabinofuranoside   Anne Imberty
  28. Protein glycosylation and targetting   David Ashford
  29. GLYCOSCI FAQ: Subscriptions, posting, archives, etc.   Iain Wilson
  30. (none)   Yury Markushin
  31. GLYCOSCI FAQ: Subscriptions, posting, archives, etc.   Iain Wilson
  32. OLIGOS ANALYSIS   Chun-Ting Yuen x3470
  33. (none)   Michael J. Naldrett X 5360
  34. Fuc-Threonine (was (none))   Iain Wilson
  35. Sialic acid linkages   Steven Pirie-Shepherd
  36. Carbank database   Houthaeve Tony

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