Oxidizing Carbohydrates

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On Wed, 6 Dec 1995, Nizar Batada wrote:

> Hi,
> 	I am a third year undergrad in Biochem and am interested in trying
> to put charges on polysacharrides without destroying the integrity of the
> chain. I know that nitrous acid can convert c-6 oh into COOH but the
> problem is that it breaksdown the chain. I was suggested that I could also
> try to put an SO3- or PO4-  group on the C-6, but I donot know of any
> reagent that can accomplish this task. Does anyone know if there exist such
> a reagent which can accomplish this task?. Any help will be much appreciated.
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> Nizar Batada
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There are a few reagents used currently to add phosphate groups to 
starch.  I don't know what the names of the reagents are off the top of 
my head, but I know they are reagents with a phosphate group on one end 
and a usually a chloride at the other end.  If you check some of the 
trade journals for the paper industry, you might find out how to make 
these since it is quite common to use these starches in papermaking.

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