CHO Spring Meeting 2nd circular

Charles Tobias Weller ctw at st-and.ac.uk
Tue Dec 19 07:47:43 EST 1995

Complex Carbohydrates: Structure, Recognition and Synthesis.

The Joint Spring Meeting of the Royal Society of Chemistry Carbohydrate Group,
and the Biochemical Society Glycobiology Group will be held at the 
University of St Andrews, UK, from the 25-28 March 1996.

The Second circular, containing full details of the programme as well as 
registration details and forms,  is now available. 

The circular can be accessed both via the World Wide Web, and through the 
normal mail service.

The URL is identical to that for the first circular, at:


Alternatively, real copies of the second circular can be obtained from
 the organisers:

Dr. R.A.Field / Dr. T.J.Rutherford, 
School of Chemistry,
The Purdie Building,
The University,
KY16 9ST,

FAX: 01334 463808

And by email from:
 raf2 at st-and.ac.uk 
 tjr1 at st-and.ac.uk

If you have any problems, please contact me (at the address below),
  or the organisers at the address above.

See you in the Spring!


                       ~ Charlie Weller ~   
                     <ctw at st-andrews.ac.uk> 

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