sialic acid acetylation

Martin Dalziel martin at axford.demon.co.uk
Thu Dec 7 09:58:07 EST 1995

Dear Glycofolk,

I wonder if anyone knows what the distribution of di-acetylated sialic 
acid (or sialic acid that has acetylation at a position other than C5) 
is in humans?
I know that enothelial cells express acetylation forms on carbons 5,4 
and 9, which has significant effects on the attachment of the various 
influenza viruses to these cells. What I am really interested in is 
B-cells/plasmocytes and their sialylated products. Can IgG,A, E, D or M 
express sialic acid residues with different acetyl groups?
Any information is appreciated. 

Martin Dalziel
martin at axford.demon.co.uk

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