Oxidizing Carbohydrates

Nizar Batada nbatada at chat.carleton.ca
Wed Dec 6 00:31:11 EST 1995

	I am a third year undergrad in Biochem and am interested in trying
to put charges on polysacharrides without destroying the integrity of the
chain. I know that nitrous acid can convert c-6 oh into COOH but the
problem is that it breaksdown the chain. I was suggested that I could also
try to put an SO3- or PO4-  group on the C-6, but I donot know of any
reagent that can accomplish this task. Does anyone know if there exist such
a reagent which can accomplish this task?. Any help will be much appreciated.

Nizar Batada
email address: nbatada at chat.carleton.ca

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